Photo Challenge – “Something I Want” ft. 85 mm


In this blog post, I am challenged to snap a photo of something that I want. Lately, I have been into making my own dirty martinis. If you are a fan of olives and vodka then this will turn into a post about something that you are wanting!.

However, if you dont like dirty martinis, but you like olives, maybe try an                              extra dirty or filthy martini (these martinis have more olive juice and                                        you can’t taste the vodka as much).

If you dont like dirty martinis or olives, but are into photography or                                          other delightful things dont stop reading here!

These are some items that you will need to make a dirty martini:

  1. Vodka (I have been using Kettle One – Titos and Grey Goose are also good choices)
  2. Vermouth (found at ABC it contains Alcohol)
  3. Large Olives (I like the Spanish ones)
  4. Olive brine (olive juice)
  5. shaker (I used a tumbler with the lid when I didn’t have the real “professional shaker)
  6. Ice
  7. Measuring cup or cups
  8. Toothpick
  9. Martini glass
  10. Patience

Tip: Visit the thrift store (or a few thrifts stores) around your area and sometimes you will get lucky enough to come across a shaker (I found a really nice insulated one that looked unused the other day…no more tumbler!) and martini glasses for dirt cheap. It helps to keep a list (like you do for groceries) of things that you could find at the thrift store.

Now that you have the ingredients and materials that it takes to make one of these lovely drinks, it is time to make the masterpiece.

I start by:

a) Putting my martini glass into the freezer while I make my drink

b) Put ice into shaker

c) 2.5 ounces of Vodka – 1/3 cups (pour into shaker)

d) 1.5 ounces of Vermouth (pour into shaker)

e) 5 teaspoons of Olive Brine – or 1/4 cup (pour into shaker)

f) Shake up your ingredients for 30 seconds…or longer

g) Stack olives on a toothpick

h) Take the martini glass out of the freezer (I love that look) and set the toothpick with olives into the glass

i) Then pour in your mixture of goodness

j) if there is too much, take a sip to make room and fill her up!




More thrift store tips and photo challenges coming soon! Stay tuned!


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