Photo Challenge – “Eyes”

– 6/21/17 –

Todays photo challenge is all about the eyes, the mirror of the soul, the lenses of imagination and teller of all truths.

My heart was in my eyes when I saw this beauty, Miss Anna the cat, sitting there gracefully on the railing of my brothers back porch. Isn’t she a mystical creature of sorts?

To me, the eyes are the most intriguing thing about our bodies, human or animal. I graduated college with a Interpersonal communications degree and studied quite a bit of Psychology (which I should have minored in but didn’t…stupid young gal). This gave me even more of an insight into the human cognition and nonverbal communication. I really enjoy people…for the most part haha. But sincerely enjoy learning about people, the relationships that they tend to keep, emotions, attractions, why they do what they do or why they act the way that they act.

And the crazy thing is, in my opinion, their eyes are the key to opening all of that.

When you are in public, do you ever pass people and accidentally make eye contact? Some people might say, ” Wow, that was really awkward.” or ” I really dont like making eye contact with random strangers.” Why is this such a personal thing? Has making eye contact with strangers or everyday people become taboo because of social media or because we are always looking down at our phones?

When I was growing up I used to make eye contact with random people because it exhilarated and yet, frightened me. It was kind of like that feeling when you go on roller coasters. I liked the fact that I didn’t know that person from Adam. I would even try to see if I couldn’t hold, and not break, eye contact the entire time I was walking past that random person. Super strange, I know…but it gave me a sense of confidence and mysteriousness. I dont really do this anymore, like I said this was in my growing years, but it does happen every once in a while because it is, honestly, inevitable.

Aside from my silly, immature days, the older that you get, the more important it is to make steady, ongoing, eye contact with people. In job interviews it is highly critical that you make direct eye contact with the person that is interviewing you. By maintaining eye contact through the duration of your interview it can help show, through nonverbal communication, that you are personable, likable, skilled, qualified, competent, valuable, confident, honest, sincere and emotionally stable. All of these qualities are ones that employers are looking for in their candidates.

These same qualities are ones that family, friends and colleagues are looking for you to embody as well.


This video helps show how personal that staring into a strangers eyes really is. I enjoy their music and especially enjoyed this video because it really encompasses this idea of eye contact and how powerful it actually is:       Music Video – Eye contact

Try this out for yourself. Try making those deep connections, especially with those whom you love most.


Here are a few photos of my own that I would like to share that I think bring out the flavor and embodiment of eye contact:

Maura eyes
Maura eyes
Catie Flower Child "Eyes"
Catie Flower Child “Eyes”
Sav "Eyes"
Sav “Eyes”
Me "Eyes"
Me “Eyes”


Let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading!


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