Photo Challenge – “Inspirational”

– 6/20/17 –

Todays photo challenge is something that is inspirational to me.

To be inspired is one of the best feelings and has a vast effect over us when we get such an emotion. Being inspired can help us have the motivation to do something that we didn’t have the motivation to do before.

But what is it that inspires us and why aren’t we inspired more often? Why dont we have this motivating feeling everyday? We get down on ourselves and start to think that we are not as creative, useful, interesting or as good as we really are. Like I have said in a previous post, we are our own worst critique. We look at other people and think that they have it all; “The grass is always greener on the other side” right?

No, that isn’t correct at all. What we have to offer is all that we need. We are all imperfectly perfect just the way we are. Everyone has their faults and difficulties in life. Some might not be as apparent as others, but none of us are perfect.  We are all silently struggling in our own way.

So when we are inspired and we do actually FEEL inspired, it can almost make you feel like you could fly. A feeling that we wish wouldn’t go away as easily as it does.       Moreover, the feeling of being inspired, most times, comes from other people. I say this because the people that come into our lives are there for a reason. People may comment on some of your work, they may choose to share your work because they were inspired by your work. This all, in turn, then inspires you to keep up the hard work and creativity. It all goes hand in hand and these people surrounding you will help you in your journey to inspiration and success.

The picture that is the featured image (above) of this post is a collage I put together, displaying (not contrasting), my photography (right) and an artists’ replication of my photography (left).

Keep in mind that I have never met the artist that sketched this wonderful reflection of my photography. The girl in the photo is, Katja, a flow hoop dancer (which I will talk about in another post and is very interesting) is friends with this drawing artist and sent the sketch to me in a text message. I put together this collage and shared in on social media. By sharing this on social media, Katja shared the photo post and tagged her drawing artist in the photo, which then led me to connect with the drawing artist!

Social media can be a really cool thing, has become a great outlet for most people and helps with artists and many others inspiration! I was so humbled that this artist, chose my photography to replicate and draw! I could not explain the feeling of excitement that my photography was being used by another artist. The fact that my photography inspired her, as an artist, to take the time to draw and replicate MY image is still such a monumental feeling.

All of you beautiful people reading this, the grass is the most green on your side of the fence. Don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise. Everything you do, whether you think so or not, is an inspiration to others and will (in time) be an inspiration to your future self. Keep doing what your doing and stay inspired!


Featured artists:

Katja:  Website  ,    Instagram


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