Photo Challenge – “Someone I Love”


Todays photo challenge encourages me to capture someone that I love.

I have much love for many, many people and especially enjoy taking and editing pictures of those that I love the most. It makes me really happy to show my “models”, if you would, their picture after it is all said and done. However, most times people dont want a camera in their face or think that they dont look good enough to have their picture taken.


In a world that is so shallow and entirely too cruel on people and their appearances, it is our job to build each other up in love and support. You never know what other people are going through, never know how other people perceive themselves…and mostly, we are our own worst critic.

Being a photographer or simply someone who enjoys being behind the camera, it is important to know that people ARE going to feel VERY uncomfortable being in front of the lense. Some actually get even more uneasy about being in front of a nice lense or camera because they feel that they are not good enough and dont want all of their blemishes captured. With this being said, even when you are told “dont take a picture of me!” or “get that camera out of here!”, compliment them and tell them that “this is for me and my photography skills”, that you want to learn more and could use their help, even if they just simply stand there.

My mom always told/tells me, “A picture without people (or animals, for us animal people) wont be worth looking at in the long run and that you/others will appreciate having people in your pictures.” She nor I am not saying that all of your photographs have to have people in them. Hell, being a photographer requires you to take prop pictures (rings and flowers at a wedding and ect.). What she is saying though, is that by having people in your pictures will give you more memories in the long run, to obviously see how people change and even “see” or remember them when their gone.

In the scope of things, I want to express, mainly to photographers, do not get discouraged and do not set down your camera at group functions, family gatherings, ect. because this is how you get those candid photos that everyone is wanting. They wont even know you are taking a picture of them laughing during a conversation with someone! When you send that picture to them later, they might use it on social medias and elsewhere because they actually ended up liking that picture of themselves.

Whala! You now have photos to edit, share and reminisce upon and everyone is happy…except for those who are still too hard on themselves and rarely like a picture that they are in. Haha. You can never go wrong with any picture you take, even a blurry or dark picture can be called art or edited and made into a masterpiece.

Enjoy yourselves. Enjoy and feel blessed to be who you are and look the way that you look. Enjoy your time behind the camera and show other people how much that you enjoy it. Be kind to others and help them enjoy their passions too, just like you want them to do with your photography.

Here are some photos of just a few that I love very much:

Katja in Gatlinburg TN
Katja in Gatlinburg TN
Morgan, my cousin, on OKI 2016
Morgan, my cousin, on OKI 2016
Cousin, Asher at 2 years
Cousin, Asher at 2 years


Teegy, my baby, Christmas 15'
Teegy, my baby, Christmas 15′
Shauna, my best friend, in NYC, her new home away from home 16'
Shauna, my best friend, in NYC, her new home away from home 16′
My Brother, Mitchell, and his wife, Brooke, at Christmas 16'
My Brother, Mitchell, and his wife, Brooke, at Christmas 16′
Brooke and Mitchell
Brooke and Mitchell
Friend, Leigh Ann, on Snow Day 16'
Friend, Leigh Ann, on Snow Day 16′

9 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – “Someone I Love”

    • madgephotographyblog

      Yay! Yes definitely take it with you everywhere you go! However, dont let it take away from you experiencing his big day! Thats what his wedding photographer is for! BUT if you have some down time, definitely dont hinder from picking up the camera. OR if the wedding photographer doesnt have a 2nd person working with them (which they should) it would be a good idea to take pictures of them getting ready (one photographer in the mens dressing room and the other in the ladies room!) Just some thoughts because I loveeee weddings! Very very important event for you and your family!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Elizabeth

        The wedding is going to be really, really casual. A barbecue where, somewhere in there, the kids get married. There will be a lot of time for candid shots without missing anything important. And everyone will be the photographer. We’re all tasked with taking pictures. They don’t have a professional one.

        Liked by 1 person

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