Photo Challenge – “After Dark”


I am here to start my first official and more personal blog. I am a photographer, along with other tricks and trades, but learning to shoot quality photography over the past 3/4 years. I have been working on a photo challenge lately, to help me work on my photography skills, creativity and getting me/my camera out of our comfort zone. I am excited to start this blog, because I enjoy to write and feel like this will keep me accountable for my writing skills and other creative motives.

I will go ahead and start the first day of my photo challenge here in this blog: “After Dark”. These can sometimes be very challenging photos to capture. I am using a Nikon Camera D3200. I typically leave on my 50mm lense with 1.4 aperture. This is actually the first professional lense that I have bought, aside from my kit lenses and a cheap fish eye lense (off of Amazon!). It is a dream of mine to acquire new (and better quality) lenses over time, but for now this super powered macro lense is perfect for where my creativity, eye and…..well, money….is at right now.

2 of these photos were shot with long exposure. Can you tell which ones I am referring to?

Please, enjoy!






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